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The Hohenwarte dam
The Hohenwarte dam is 27 km long and up to 1 km wide. The deepest point
is located, with 68 m water depth at the dam wall. It occupies an area
of a total of 7.3 km ³. At 182 million m³ of water content, it is the
third largest storage lakes.

The dam is 75 m high and 412 feet long.
It was built in 1936 - 1942nd.

Around the artificial lake you can enjoy a beautiful landscape that you
offers many recreational activities, Sailing, canoeing and boat trips
as well as hiking and biking. The reservoir provides you with a circular route
Length of about 72 km pure nature, overcoming differences in height of almost
300 meters. It is for every man walking a worthwhile goal and impressed
with stunning panoramic "pure nature" and the "Thuringian Sea".

To a hiker or by car "from one side of a dam on the other"
to come, there is in the amount of Linkenmühle the "Mill Ferry".
It is the only car ferry runs Thuringia and
very low cost from spring to autumn.

Are you a fishing friend? Then you get their money's worth!
Fish such as eels, perch, pike, perch, rainbow trout, tench and
various species of carp are crowding the "Thuringian Sea"
and just waiting to be "lured" by you ...
Upon presentation of a fishing license can be obtained directly
at our reception a fishing license.

Cultural highlights in our immediate vicinity, such as water power museum
of Ziegenrück, the Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes, castle Burgk or the castle Ranis,
invite you to explore exciting. Rewarding excursion destination is the
Kober-rocks at his hanging bridge over the jammed hall. At the end
of the trail you are rewarded with a magnificent view of the castle Burgk!
The enchanted forest Saalburg promises, especially the youngsters with its colorful
Fun fairy tale illustrations. ... and with whom many of the rest
"Big city" should not be missing that is just in his car and reached
in about 48-75 kilometers, the cities of Jena, Gera, Erfurt and Weimar.

Well, you get to feel like a trip to the "Thuringian Sea"?
Then we would be delighted to welcome you to our campsite.
you look over and see for yourself! You will be amazed!

For your clarity of our beautiful lake we have
subsequently compiled a map for you.